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Gang  programmer stm32
Gang  programmer stm32  MPU
Gang Flasher STM32
Gang Flasher STM32

A New High Speed USB Gang Flashing Solution for STM32 series MPUs and MCUs

Elprotronic has just released an exciting new product. The GangFlasher is a high speed in-circuit flash programming solution for MPU/MCU based target boards.  This solution can flash up to 8 MPU targets at 40 Mbytes/s each using only onboard USB and is now available for purchase and trial evaluation.

If you are deploying Linux on your product, or sizable embedded applications with images in the hundreds of MBs or even GBs then you must be tired of waiting 10 minutes to flash your board. Now, it will take you just seconds and not one single board but up to 8 boards at the same high speed.  Elprotronic’s  GangFlasher is the right programming solution for you, it will save your most valuable commodity: Time.

“With much higher programming and flashing speed, STM32MP1 users can deploy gigabyte-sized application code seamlessly. Elprotronic’s high-speed flashing adds a valuable solution to the STM32MP1 ecosystem for a wide range of applications with increasing memory footprint,” said Laurent Desseignes, Ecosystem Marketing Director, STMicroelectronics

March, 8th, 2021: Press release here

“Elprotronic’s adoption of our STM32MP1 Secure Secret Provisioning benefits customers eager to protect their software IP with increasing memory footprints. Their new secure high-speed flashing in the GangFlasher-ST adds a valuable resource to the broad STM32MP1 ecosystem, which also uses the STM32HSM to protect against counterfeited or clone products,” said Laurent Hanus, Ecosystem Marketing Manager, STMicroelectronics

July, 19th, 2021: Press release here

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Overview, Demos, and In-depth Tutorials

Current Capabilities and Product Highlights:

  • In-circuit STM32 MPU : MP1 gang programmer
  • USB 2.0 programming speed at up to 40 MBytes/s per target using USB-DFU and custom protocols
  • Gang programming support for 8 MPU targets from one Host PC
  • GUI, DLL, and CLI for flexible control
  • Program eMMC, SD-card, NOR, NAND, and OTP memories
  • Standard ST evaluation and discovery board setups preconfigured
  • Seamless programming support for custom user boards (*.dtb)
  • Windows 10 support (Software download - x64)
  • Ubuntu Linux support (Software download - amd64)
  • Raspbian Linux support (Software download - armhf) - Raspberry Pi 4
  • OS X/Catalina macOS support (Software download - m2)
  • Fully compatible with TSV format used in ST starter and developer packages
  • *.img file support (automatically converted to TSV)
  • Secure Secret Provisioning (SSP) via STM32HSM 

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Current Capabilities and Product Highlights:

  • In-circuit STM32 MCU : L4, L5, U5, and H7 gang programmer
  • USB 2.0 programming speed at up to 2 MBytes/s per target using the USB-DFU protocol
  • Gang programming support for 8 MCU targets from one Host PC
  • GUI, DLL, and CLI for flexible control
  • Program internal flash, option bytes, and security features
  • Windows 10 support (Software download - x64)
  • Ubuntu Linux support (Software download - amd64)
  • Raspbian Linux support (Software download - armhf) - Raspberry Pi 4
  • OS X/Catalina macOS support (Software download - m2)
  • Secure Firmware Install (SFI) via STM32HSM for STM32 families where applicable

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MPU/MCU supported list: 
STM32MP1 custom boards using:
STM32MP151A, STM32MP151C, STM32MP151D, STM32MP151F, STM32MP153A, STM32MP153C, STM32MP153D, STM32MP153F, STM32MP157A, STM32MP157C, STM32MP157D, STM32MP157F
STM32MP1 preconfigured eval boards:
STM32MP157A-DK1, STM32MP157A-EV1, STM32MP157C-DK2, STM32MP157C-ED1, STM32MP157C-EV1, STM32MP157D-DK1, STM32MP157D-EV1, STM32MP157F-DK2, STM32MP157F-ED1, STM32MP157F-EV1
STM32L431CB, STM32L431KB, STM32L431RB, STM32L431KC, STM32L431CC, STM32L431RC, STM32L431VC, STM32L451CC, STM32L451RC, STM32L451VC, STM32L451CE, STM32L451RE, STM32L451VE, STM32L412C8, STM32L412K8, STM32L412R8, STM32L412T8, STM32L412KB, STM32L412CB, STM32L412RB, STM32L412TB, STM32L422KB, STM32L422CB, STM32L422RB, STM32L422TB, STM32L432KB, STM32L432KC, STM32L442KC, STM32L452CC, STM32L452RC, STM32L452VC, STM32L452CE, STM32L452RE, STM32L452VE, STM32L462CE, STM32L462RE, STM32L462VE, STM32L433CB, STM32L433CC, STM32L433RB, STM32L433RC, STM32L433VC, STM32L443CC, STM32L443RC, STM32L443VC, STM32L475RC, STM32L475VC, STM32L475RE, STM32L475VE, STM32L475RG, STM32L475VG, STM32L476RC, STM32L476VC, STM32L476JE, STM32L476ZE, STM32L476QE, STM32L476VE, STM32L476ME, STM32L476RE, STM32L476JG, STM32L476QG, STM32L476VG, STM32L476RG, STM32L476ZG, STM32L476MG, STM32L486ZG, STM32L486QG, STM32L486JG, STM32L486VG, STM32L486RG, STM32L496ZE, STM32L496AE, STM32L496QE, STM32L496VE, STM32L496RE, STM32L496RG, STM32L496VG, STM32L496QG, STM32L496AG, STM32L496ZG, STM32L4A6AG, STM32L4A6ZG, STM32L4A6QG, STM32L4A6VG, STM32L4A6RG
STM32L552CC, STM32L552RC, STM32L552VC, STM32L552QC, STM32L552ZC, STM32L552CE, STM32L552RE, STM32L552ME, STM32L552VE, STM32L552QE, STM32L552ZE, STM32L562CE, STM32L562RE, STM32L562ME, STM32L562VE, STM32L562QE, STM32L562ZE
STM32U575AI, STM32U575CI, STM32U575OI, STM32U575QI, STM32U575RI, STM32U575VI, STM32U575ZI, STM32U575AG, STM32U575CG, STM32U575OG, STM32U575QG, STM32U575RG, STM32U575VG, STM32U575ZG, STM32U585AI, STM32U585CI, STM32U585OI, STM32U585QI, STM32U585RI, STM32U585VI, STM32U585ZI