ClickCease GangFlasher-ST | In-circuit STM32 MPU : MP1 gang programmer


Main Product Features:
  • In-circuit STM32 MPU : MP1 gang programmer
    • USB 2.0 programming support at ~40 MBytes/s per target
    • Program eMMC, SD-card, NOR, NAND, and OTP memories
    • Seamless programming support for custom user boards (*.dtb)
    • Fully compatible with TSV format used in ST starter and developer packages
    • *.img file support (automatically converted to TSV)
    • Standard ST evaluation and discovery board setups preconfigured
    • Secure Secret Provisioning (SSP) via STM32HSM
  • In-circuit STM32 MCU : L4, L5, U5, and H7 gang programmer
    • USB 2.0 programming speed at up to 2 MBytes/s per target using the USB-DFU protocol
    • Program internal flash, option bytes, and security features
    • *.hex file format support
    • Secure Firmware Install (SFI) via STM32HSM for STM32 MCU families where applicable
  • Gang programming support for 8 MPU/MCU targets from one Host PC
  • GUI, DLL, and CLI for flexible control
  • Windows 10 (x64)
  • Ubuntu Linux (amd64)
  • Raspbian Linux (armhf) - Raspberry Pi 4
  • OS X/Catalina macOS (m2)
Software Package:
  • Easy to use GUI runs on Windows 10, 11.
  • DLL support.
  • Command-Line support.
  • CLI and shared library for Ubuntu Linux, Raspbian Linux, and OS X/Catalina macOS.
Package contains:
How to Order:
  1. Install software package on your computer.
    • On Windows: Run the GangFlasher-ST GUI, a message will appear showing your hostid, for example: '00abcde12345'. 
    • On Linux/macOS: Run the CLI to obtain the hostid.
  2. Enter the hostid without quotes into the order form when adding the product to the cart.
  3. A license file will be emailed to you based on the hostid you entered into the form. 
  • Contact Sales for Floating licenses.