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Free shipping on all orders to CAN/US above $400, and Europe above $1000
Free shipping on all orders to CAN/US above $400, and Europe above $1000
Macronix External Flash

In-Circuit Programming of Macronix Serial Flash over SPI or JTAG/SWD

1. FlashPro-M and GangPro-M (XS, X2S):

  • External serial flash memory must be connected to programming adapter using a serial peripheral interface connection (SPI).
  • Up to 1 MBytes/s programming (up to 20MHz, depends on target memory).

2. FlashPro-ARM and GangPro-ARM (X2S): 

  • Same as above, can program serial flash directly over SPI, and also:
  • Can program both target MCU internal flash and any connected external serial flash using JTAG/SWD interface only.
  • To program using MCU, memory must be connected to target MCU via a working serial peripheral interface (OCTOSPI, Dual-QSPI, QSPI, SPI, etc.). 
  • I/O port configuration utility provided in GUI. Allows interactive configuration of MCU peripheral interface pins to memory.

      Check out our Tutorial Videos on YouTube!

      • Shared library and Command-Line support (Debian Linux).
      • DLL and Command-Line support (Windows).
      • C++ and C# code examples provided.
      • FCC and CE certified.
      • Software Features and Details Page

      Programs External Flash when directly connected to programmer. Purchase product: 
      XStreamPro-Iso adapter:
      XStreamPro-Iso adapter:
      Programs External Flash directly AND when using ARM MCUs as proxy 

      Gang Programming up to six(6) targets in parallel

      XStreamPro-Iso adapter:
      - GangPro-ARM-1V(X2S), one vendor support, $1109.00 USD
      - GangPro-ARM(X2S), multiple vendor support, $1219.00 USD

      Macronix memory supported list: 
      MX25L 3V Serial NOR Flash:
      MX25L5121E, MX25L512E, MX25L1021E, MX25L1026E, MX25L1006E, MX25L2026E, MX25L2006E, MX25L4006E, MX25L4026E, MX25L8006E, MX25L8036E, MX25L8008E, MX25L8035E, MX25L8073E, MX25L1606E, MX25L1636E, MX25L1673E, MX25L1655D, MX25L1608E, MX25L1633E, MX25L1635E, MX25L3233F, MX25L3236F, MX25L3273F, MX25L3255E, MX25L3206E, MX25L3208E, MX25L3235E, MX25L3239E, MX25L3273E, MX25L6433F, MX77L6450F, MX25L6436F, MX25L6456F, MX25L6473F, MX25L6456E, MX25L6406E, MX25L6408E, MX25L6435E, MX25L6436E, MX25L6439E, MX25L6445E, MX25L6455E, MX25L6473E, MX25L6465E, MX25L12833F, MX25L12872F, MX77L12850F, MX25L12845G, MX25L12873G, MX25L12839F, MX25L12850F, MX25L12855F, MX25L12865F, MX25L12835F, MX25L12873F, MX25L12836E, MX25L12845E, MX25L12855E, MX25L12865E, MX25L25645G, MX25LM25645G, MX25L25672F, MX25L25733F, MX77L25650F, MX25L25673G, MX25L25635F, MX25L25655F, MX25L25735F, MX25L25635E, MX25L25655E, MX25L25735E, MX25L25639F, MX25L51245G, MX25LM51245G MX25LW51245G MX25L51237G, MX25L51255G, MX25L51273G, MX66L51235F
      MX25U 1.8V Serial NOR Flash:
      MX25U5121E, MX25U1001E, MX25U2035F, MX25U2032E, MX25U2033E, MX25U4035F, MX25U4032E, MX25U4033E, MX25U4035, MX25U8035F, MX25U8035E, MX25U8032E, MX25U8033E, MX25U1633F, MX25U1635F, MX25U1635E, MX25U3232F, MX25U3235F, MX25U3273F, MX25U3235E, MX25U6432F, MX25UW6445G, MX25U6433F, MX25U6435F, MX25U6473F, MX25U12832F, MX25U12843G, MX25UM12845G, MX25U12872F, MX25UW12845G, MX25U12835F, MX25U12873F, MX25U25645G, MX25UM25645G, MX77U25650F, MX25U25645G54, MX25U25673G, MX25U12873F, MX25U51245G, MX25UM51245G, MX25UW51245G, MX25U51245G54, MX25UM51345G, MX66U51235F
      MX25R Wide Range Serial NOR Flash:
      MX25R512F, MX25R1035, MX25R2035F, MX25R4035F, MX25R8035F, MX25R1635F, MX25R3235F, MX25R6435F

      MCU supported list: 
      Full vendor and family support is actively being added to encompass our current list of MCU families as show in: XStreamPro-Iso (X2S)
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        FlashPro-ARM (X2S)

        Elprotronic Inc.

        Main Product Features (Software Features and Details Page) : Embedded Flash programmer. XStreamPro-Iso hardware adapter runs with FlashPro-ARM s...

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