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Free shipping on all orders to CAN/US above $400, and Europe above $1000
Free shipping on all orders to CAN/US above $400, and Europe above $1000

In-Circuit Programming of GigaDevice Serial Flash over SPI or JTAG/SWD

1. FlashPro-M and GangPro-M (XS, X2S):

  • External serial flash memory must be connected to programming adapter using a serial peripheral interface connection (SPI).
  • Up to 1 MBytes/s programming (up to 20MHz, depends on target memory).

2. FlashPro-ARM and GangPro-ARM (X2S): 

  • Same as above, can program serial flash directly over SPI, and also:
  • Can program both target MCU internal flash and any connected external serial flash using JTAG/SWD interface only.
  • To program using MCU, memory must be connected to target MCU via a working serial peripheral interface (OCTOSPI, Dual-QSPI, QSPI, SPI, etc.). 
  • I/O port configuration utility provided in GUI. Allows interactive configuration of MCU peripheral interface pins to memory.

    Check out our Tutorial Videos on YouTube!

    • Shared library and Command-Line support (Debian Linux).
    • DLL and Command-Line support (Windows).
    • C++ and C# code examples provided.
    • FCC and CE certified.
    • Software Features and Details Page

    Programs External Flash when directly connected to programmer. Purchase product: 
    XStreamPro-Iso adapter:
    XStreamPro-Iso adapter:
    Programs External Flash directly AND when using ARM MCUs as proxy 

    Gang Programming up to six(6) targets in parallel

    XStreamPro-Iso adapter:
    - GangPro-ARM-1V(X2S), one vendor support, $1109.00 USD
    - GangPro-ARM(X2S), multiple vendor support, $1219.00 USD

    GigaDevice memory supported list: 
    GD25WD05C, GD25WD10C, GD25WD20C, GD25WD40C, GD25WD80C
    GD25WQ80E, GD25WQ16E, GD25WQ32E, GD25WQ64E, GD25WQ128E
    GD25Q20C, GD25Q40C, GD25Q80C, GD25Q80E, GD25Q16C, GD25Q16E, GD25Q32C, GD25Q32E, GD25Q64C, GD25Q64E, GD25Q127C, GD25Q128E, GD25Q256D, GD25Q257D
    GD25B16C, GD25B16E, GD25B32C, GD25B32E, GD25B64C, GD25B64E, GD25B127D, GD25B128E, GD25B256D, GD25B257D
    GD25D05C, GD25D10C, GD25D20C, GD25D40C, GD25D80C
    GD25LD05C, GD25LD10C, GD25LD20C, GD25LD40C, GD25LD80C

    MCU supported list: 
    Full vendor and family support is actively being added to encompass our current list of MCU families as show in: XStreamPro-Iso (X2S)


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