ClickCease GangPro-CC


  • Embedded Flash programmer. USB-FPA hardware adapter runs with GangPro-CC and FlashPro-CC software, and GangPro-ARM and FlashPro-ARM (TI-CC vendor only) software.
  • Programs Texas Instruments SimpleLink (CC).
  • Program up to Six (6) targets simultaneously.
  • Supports debug interface communication to MCU. 
  • ARM Benchmarks
Software Package:
  • Easy to use GUI runs on Windows(TM) XP, 7, 8, 10.
  • DLL and Command-Line support (Windows).
  • C++, C#, Python code examples provided.
  • Download installer for: Windows
Package contains:
  • USB-FPA 6.1 programming adapter,
  • USB cable,
  • FPA to ARM 14-pin to 20-pin adapter and ribbon cable,
  • FPA to CC-Debug 14-pin to 10-pin adapter and ribbon cable,
  • One Year Warranty,
  • Unlimited time software usage license, no limit on number of programmed devices,
  • No code size limitations,
  • One Year free software updates,
  • Software Update License Renewal is optional (only needed for updates to run newer software version after one year).  Already used software version will run indefinitely, with no need for license renewal.