ClickCease REP430F


Main Product Features:
  • Embedded Flash programmer. 
  • Programs Texas Instruments MSP430.
  • Supports JTAG, and SBW communication. 
  • Built on the MSP430F5437 MCU with 256kB of flash memory.
  • Debug adapter (i.e. from TI or Elprotronic Inc.) connects to Replicator using via JTAG interface.
  • 200 kB max code size.
  • Blow the JTAG security fuse capability.
  • 48 kB flash can be erased, blank checked, programmed and verified in 8 seconds via JTAG.
  • 17 kB verify and erase in 10 ms via JTAG.
Software Package:
  • Uses software interface provided by TI. There are specific software projects for the following target device Replicator implementations:
    • Replicator: For MSP430 architecture devices.
    • ReplicatorX: For MSP430X extended architecture devices.
    • ReplicatorXv2: For MSP430Xv2 (5xx, 6xx family) extended architecture devices.
  • Download installer for: Windows
Package contains:
  • Replicator board,
  • 14-pin MSP430-JTAG/SBW/BSL ribbon cable,
  • Three Month Warranty.